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The right 3D ultrasound facility

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The right 3D ultrasound facility has to have the most experience, highest comfort, and lowest price to be the best choice. By these criteria SonoSmile 4D Fetal Imaging is easily the best for 3D ultrasound Miami and Fort Lauderdale.


SonoSmile sonographers have each performed thousands of 3D ultrasound scans. We've performed more than 4,000 3D ultrasound scans in our office. Our sonographers have the experience to bring you the very best 3D image while explaining everything to you like a friend. We double and triple check gender from multiple angles and add color doppler to clarify possible umbililcal cord confusion.

Here we point out the nuances that other sonographers don't even notice. Does your baby have hair yet? Whose toes does he or she have? We can even show you your baby's muscle tone and see if your baby's eyes are opened or closed, but only if you come to us.


A SonoSmile experience is easily the most comfortable. Since we are located in a birthing center, each of our 3D ultrasound scans is performed in a birthing suite with a full size bed, two monitors, and soothing decor. Bringing your family and children is both welcomed and encouraged.

4D ultrasound image miami


Our goal at SonoSmile is for everyone to see their baby. We have a $55 3D 4D ultrasound specifically for that purpose. Every package includes a CD, DVD with heart beat, thermal prints, and gender determination if you want to know or double check. Unlike some other facilities, we don't charge you extra for things that don't cost us anything, like switching the machine from 2D to 3D/4D. For us 3D ultrasound is about people getting to know their baby, and seeing is a big part of knowing.

The wrong 3D ultrasound facilities


The idea of paying a school for the privilege of allowing a novice to experiment on your baby doesn't sound very appealing. In addition to the seemingly low price charged by the school, the student scanning your baby is also paying to be there.

It's a wonderful business model on the part of the school, but a very poor choice when deciding on a 3D 4D ultrasound facility. The learning curve for 3D sonography can be more than 3 months over traditional 2D imaging, which means that it's unlikely you'll get very good images at an ultrasound school.

Perinatal/OBGYN Office:

In addition to being very expensive, with long waits and uncomfortable exam tables, the quality of the images often isn't very good. In the rush to maximize patient flow the sonographer really can't take the time necessary to give you the very best 3D ultrasound pictures. What's more is that the sonographer is trained not to answer questions or tell you about your baby. Diagnostic sonography really focuses more on 2 dimensional imaging which requires a very different approach that frankly many perinatal sonographers don't fully grasp.

Studio Keepsake:

Truthfully, this is a better option than either the perinatal office or the ultrasound school. While the sonographers tend to keep separate work at a diagnostic facility, they do have the specialized 3D ultrasound experience to give you a good 3D image.

Sometimes the prices can be high to pay for the retail space, or the facility may opt for an exam table over a bed, but overall these facilities can at least give a better 3D ultrasound experience with images to show for it than either a school or diagnostic center.

Please be advised: Our non-diagnostic 3D and 4D sonograms cannot
subsitute for a medical ultrasound or sonogram, or any other type of medical imaging.
Our Hallandale Beach office is centrally located to serve
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