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Top 6 Most Memorable 3D Ultrasound Moments

There have been a lot of memorable sonograms over the past 4,000+ ultrasound scans. These are some of the more memorable experiences we've had right here in our office just north of Miami, just south of Fort Lauderdale. If you've been here for a scan and want to add your memorable experience, just send us a note.

6. Fetus pointing at his boy partsMost babies, especially girls, try to be modest. This baby boy on the right was a bit more boastful and had to point it out. As you can imagine, this baby's dad was very proud of his baby boy.

5. "She told me it was biologically impossible for her to get pregnant." - Quoted from a very misguided baby-daddy after a 3D gender ultrasound.

4. One time the sonographer was showing the expecting couple a 3D sonogram of their baby's toes. "One-two-three-four-five-si...? Wait, let's check again." said the sonographer. The mother countered, "Oh don't worry. All of my kids had six toes."

3. Fetus giving the middle finger.Some babies don't give a clear 3D ultrasound image because they are sleepy and lay their face on the placenta. The baby to the left decided he couldn't take any more **** and just wanted to be left the **** alone.

2. One very kind lady had 6 boys in a row and no girls. When the sonographer asked, "Do you hope this one's a girl?" she answered it didn't matter. If it did she wouldn't have so many. Just the same her eyes watered when she learned lucky number 7 was a girl!

1. When a baby wasn't cooperating, the husband left to get something sugary for the mom to drink. As he left, the pregnant mother turned to the sonographer and asked, "In these 3D ultrasounds, can you tell the baby's ethnicity?"

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